It all began in 1957, Liverpool England. John Lennon had learned the banjo at a young age, moving quickly to the guitar and then starting his own band. Dubbed "The Quarry Men", this high school skiffle group played around Liverpool, changing members more frequently than they changed socks. Mr. Paul McCartney sauntered up to John in between concerts. After hearing him play the guitar, John decided to join Paul to the band. The famous Lennon-McCartney duo was born.

Eight months later Paul had a suggestion for a new recruit. Three years their junior, George Harrison was nonetheless a wizard on the guitar. John was hesitant to allow such a young person into the band, but George won him over. Two weeks before his 15th birthday, George officially became a member of the band. The Quarry Men continued to play in and around Liverpool. Their name went through several changes over the coming months. Finally the group was called "The Beatles".The Beatles did not immediately jump out to stardom.For months they toured Liverpool and the surrounding towns trying to build a fan base.Brian Epstein, a record store owner in Liverpool, got wind of the Beatles about this time.Something about their energy when together inspired Brian to become their manager. He finally secured an audition with George Martin at Parlophone records.Martin, loved their sound the only part of the package he didn't seem to like was their drummer, Pete Best. But he was replaced by Ringo Starr. The Beatles were completed.