John Lennon 

John Lennon with his wife Yoko Oko
John Lennon with his wife Yoko Oko

He was born 9th October 1940 in a house located in the 9 Newcastle Road in Liverpool. His childhood was very hard because his parents decided to split up forever and he had to live with his aunt Mimi and his uncle George who gave him his first guitar and from that moment he loved music. His mother visited him almost every day and when Lennon was eleven he used to be the one who visited her at her home. Later, his mother died because she was crossing the street where she lived and a car hit her. He always did whatever he want. His first wife was Cynthia. Then, he had a second wife called Yoko Ono who controlled too much the John's band. Moreover, she was on all the recordings.

George Harrison 

He lived in Arnold Grove Street in Liverpool. He was the youngest, who played very well but he didn´t join the group until a later time. He was the only Beatle whose childhood was not tragic because of the death or divorce of his parents. In the mid-1960s, he was the first to equip his Esher home with a personal studio where he could compose and work more effectively.

Ringo Starr

Pete Best was kicked out of the group, and instead he was replaced by Ringo Star. In addition to playing the drums, Starr participated as a vocalist in several versioned songs.

Readers of the Rolling Stone music magazine chose Starr as the fifth best drummer of all time.

Paul McCartney 

He lived in 20 Forthlin Road. McCartney's father was a trumpeter and pianist in his band called Jim Mac's Jazz Band. When McCartney was fourteen, his mother died of a stroke. At the age of fifteen, McCartney met Lennon and his band. Then the band invited McCartney to join as a guitarist and he formed a close working relationship with John Lennon. As a member of The Beatles, he is the number one on the  Rolling Stone's 100 Greatest Artists magazine.

Brian Epstein

Brian was the key character for the group's success.He was the manager of the Beatles and he lived in Queen Drive Street, which was a modest house. Brian Epstein, called his attention to a performance of the group, and immediately he proposed to the group to be his manager. The boys accept to be able to record their songs. In Brian's house John Lennon and he made too many decisions about important businnes of the group.

Basically, Brian was the man who created the Beatles. Without him the group couldn't have gone forward.