The Beatles 
Album Abbey Road

Listen to the hits of the new fashion group

This is the group that will succeed this season because of his incredible sound and his amazing songs that will leave you speechless.

After eleven albums this one will be the best one and the one that you would like to listen everyday and  every hour.

The Cavern opened its doors on January 16, 1957. On August 7 of that same year, the Quarrymen acted in it. No band before the Beatles, not even Elvis Presley, had ever made a world tour. They used to play their songs in The Cavern Club. It was almost like a cave, where there was an atmosphere where tobacco, heat, humidity and poor ventilation caused a characteristic smell that everyone speaks. There was live music every day from mid-afternoon until late evening, with free ticket most of the time.  There are a sculpture of John Lennon outside the  Cavern Pub.


Come to meet us to our concert and to have fun wiht us dancing to the rhythm of ours fabulous songs!


The Cavern Club, Liverpool.

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Wembley Stadium, London.

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02 Arena, London.

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